Therapist in Cheltenham

Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Why you might be looking for counselling in Cheltenham

Are you struggling in certain aspects of your life or in your relationships? Do you feel you need someone to simply listen to you without their opinions or negative judgments?

Whether something has recently happened, or your difficulties go back further, I can help with counselling in Cheltenham. If it is a few sessions or longer-term support you require, I can work with you at your pace and where you are at right now.

There are various reasons why people come to psychotherapeutic counselling in Cheltenham. Perhaps you have feelings of anxiety, depression, or panic, you may feel unable to move on following a significant bereavement or loss, or find you have relationship difficulties. Perhaps you feel stuck where you are in life and unhappy, angry or you find you are not looking after yourself properly or are displaying reckless behaviours.

HF Therapies in Cheltenham work using a person-centered approach which means, focusing complete care on the needs of the individual. Ensuring that people’s preferences, needs, and values guide clinical decisions, and providing care that is respectful of and responsive to them. I draw on a number of therapeutic models to help clients achieve the most from their sessions.

HF Therapies in Cheltenham undergo at least 30 hours of extra training courses per year, meaning my work is up to date with the latest gold standards of treatments, whilst continuing to gain further knowledge in different areas and studies in mental health.